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Are you going out to lunch or dinner? It is very normal to feel some hesitation about going out. Here are some tips, ideas and places to go and what to order to hopefully make things easier for you.

  • Never assume a salad is a healthy choice. Many have cheese, high fat dressings, crunch croutons, bread and high carbohydrate vegetables.

  • It is always ok to ask how your food is prepared to ensure that it meets your needs. We have found that most restaurants are very accommodating when we have asked them to change their preparation.

  • Make sure you specify that you do not want any butter or additional seasonings in your dish. Most restaurants steam their vegetables and then load them with butter.

  • It is ok to make changes with your order so that it is compliant with the Ideal Protein program.

  • Remember you can swap out your dinner and lunch if you need to if you are going out for lunch. Just make sure you have your Ideal Protein lunch for dinner that night.

Go and order a meal that is compliant or an Ideal Special at the following restaurants:

  • Dsasumo

  • Arby's

  • Outback

  • Perkins

  • Olive Garden

  • Firerock Steakhouse

  • Armor's

  • La Cocina

  • Eggington's

  • Karen & Jim's

  • Poor Boys


Happy dining!

Restaurant Dining

Dining Out at Restaurant Tips

For ordering information, please contact Sheryl.



How to order at a restaurant while on Ideal Protein

If you plan on eating out, check out the menu online if it's some place you haven't been before. Knowing what you will order ahead of time will allow you to not look at the menu and be tempted to eat something inappropriate when you are hungry. Call ahead and ask what veggies they have available as it can vary day to day.



“Grilled chicken, no sauce please” - if you do not say “no sauce”, they may put the sauce of the day on it.



So you don’t appear to be a pain, blame it on allergies. Say this: “I have some food allergies, so the veggies I can eat are, mushrooms, peppers,

broccoli, cauliflower, and asparagus. Do you have any of those available?” Then order them steamed and request “no butter". They like to drizzle melted butter on them to make them taste better.



Order salad with either plain vinegar, apple cider vinegar or white wine vinegar and olive oil on the side. This way you can control the oil. Tell them you are allergic to balsamic and red wine vinegar. You can also purchase the Walden Farms To-Go dressings at our office and take one with you. They are little individual packets. They also make small single serving salad dressing travel containers now. Look for them at the store. I found one at Walmart. The other thing you can use are the 3 ounce travel size bottles for liquids. Be prepared and take it with you.


Remember the saying....

“If you fail to plan, then plan on failing."

Don’t get caught out without something you can eat that is allowed. Even one cheat or deviation will impact your weight loss.


If you want to go out at lunch then just follow the “dinner” guidelines on the Phase 1 sheet and then at dinner you would follow the lunch guidelines.